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Scene Through A Window Marcy Heidish

Scene Through A Window

Marcy Heidish

Published May 20th 2014
Kindle Edition
296 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Travel through the centuries to watch a timeless loveunfold around a timeless masterpiece: the fabled cathedralof Chartres, France. In 1194, disaster struck thatsacred site. In one June night, a firestorm devastated thecathedral, its artwork, and parts of its surrounding town.Immediately, the finest artists converged on Chartresto plan a new and innovative structure, builtto endure and to surpass all that went before. Inevitbly,these plans led to plots and rivalry, threateningthe realization of a daring and demanding dream.Against this backdrop, two lovers struggled to conceivethe new cathedrals stained glass windows, stillregarded as marvels today. This quest centered on discoveringnew gem-like colors: unique, precious, and incomparable.The pair, under increasing pressure, embarked onan intense search for the mysterious but elusive answer.Deftly weaving fact with fiction, Marcy Heidishsets a passionate love story against a Medieval backdrop.With her proven attention to detail, Heidish transportsus to the winding streets of Chartres: its sounds andsmells, its interiors and intrigues. Suspenseful, engrossing,and imaginative, Scene Through A Window createsa magical space where the impossible can happen.