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Enslaving Megan J.R. Parz

Enslaving Megan

J.R. Parz

Kindle Edition
82 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Texan Brandon Knight didnt really know his parents all that well, so when they met with an unfortunate accident that took their lives, he never thought there could be anymore to it. But an inheritance letter written by his father told him of a very different world, and combined with the mysterious pendant he now wore around his neck, it proved that supernatural forces were at play.Brandon, along with his female friend, who was also his lawyer, fly out to Massachusetts to acquire the inheritance, and they soon discover that this includes a very lovely young woman in a role that stuns them.Then they are introduced to Megan. She is breathtakingly beautiful and a very powerful witch. But thanks to his pendant, Brandon is able to turn the table on the witch, therefore enslaving her. But while doing so, the powerful warlock secures himself a place with the unprotected hottie.Brandon and his entourage fly to Houston, not knowing that the warlock has everything in control. The warlock also has designs for Megan and hes willing to do just about anything to have her for himself. Might there be a swap in the works...? Wouldnt Brandon much rather have his lovely female lawyer at his beck and call, rather than Megan?This supernatural tale includes Male Dominant and male/female. It also contains a heavy dose of female/female and is riddled with erotic mind control.Excerpt:Megan still found the concept mind boggling. Had she really been domesticated? How could she dispute it when she actually got off on it? Here she was dressed in just a pair of panties, in the kitchen, doing the dishes. Well... at least loading the dishwasher. The point being was that she was doing the dishes!Megan thought she should want to scream, but actually felt a slight buzz of happiness from doing her daily chores. The endorphins were proving addictive.“Hi, Megan,” Danielle greeted her with a smile. Megan couldnt help smiling back because she liked Danielle... a lot. She so wished Brandon would allow them to be intimate. But until Brandon gave her permission, she wasnt allowed to do anything more than hug and kiss her.Hi, Danielle, Megan responded.“Brandon would like to see you in his bedroom.”Megan’s eyes lit up with excitement, but then she knew that Brandon was a stickler for her chores being done first, so she returned to the dishes.“He also told me to finish the dishes for you,” Danielle added with a grin.“Thank you!” Megan cried in response and then hurried away with growing need.As Megan made her way down the hallway, she detoured into the bathroom for a quick look see in the mirror. Then she did a quick touch-up to her makeup before rushing off to Brandon’s bedroom.“Come in,” Brandon called out to her... knowing she had paused at his door.Megan opened the door and she immediately felt saddened. Instead of naked, like she had expected Brandon to be, he was dressed like he was going out on a hot date.“Sir...? she responded, trying to disguise her obvious disappointment.