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The Information About Polycarbonate Lenses

Polycarbonate lenses are one of many lightest, thinnest and most secure lenses available on the market right this moment. Most all lenses at the moment are constructed from polycarbonate polymer bubble glamping.

The polycarbonate materials was developed within the 1970’s for use for aerospace utilization. Polycarbonate remains to be the popular materials used for house shuttle windshields and helmet visors of the astronauts. It wasn’t till 1980 when polycarbonate was launched into eyeglass lenses due to the demand for light-weight and impression resistant lenses.

The lenses sometimes thought-about ‘coke bottle bottoms’ are thought-about to be the previous generations of lenses. One treatment to make use of this new materials is as a result of these lenses are sometimes thinner and lighter than most standard glass or plastic and is the popular selection in most eye put on. Earlier lenses have been constructed from a molding course of the place the liquid plastic was molded and baked for an extended time period. The liquid would harden and would finally create the lens.

Polycarb lenses however although begin out as strong supplies that are formed like pellets. These are then heated till they soften. After the pellets have melted, the liquid is then inserted into the molds of the lenses that are compressed and cooled. As a substitute of this course of taking a number of hours, the method to create polycarbonate lenses solely takes minutes. This course of is known as Injection molding versus the solid molding course of.

One other vital function of those lenses is their ultraviolet mild inhibiting worth. With these lenses one does not should pay additional for UV therapy to guard eyes from probably dangerous rays.

Nothing can evaluate to the impression resistance and security of polycarbonate lenses. This materials has been utilized in ‘bullet-proof’ home windows in automobiles and airplane windshields. Due to the supplies used, most security glasses and youngsters’s eyewear use ‘polycarb’ due to the unimaginable security options. Actually, polycarbonate lenses are as much as ten instances extra impact-resistant than typical plastic or glass lenses. These lenses are additionally utilized in rimless eyewear glasses due to the light-weight and as a result of body parts. Polycarbonate lenses are typically 10% thinner than the plastic or trivex plastic materials lenses.

The advantages of a these lens far surpasses the older generations of lenses advantages. Polycarbonate lenses not solely supply a lighter, extra impact-resistance and UV safety, however it additionally provides a greater variety of lens designs. One now can use progressive and multifocal on polycarbonate lenses.